“Be Patient”

I often have dreams I’m talking to a “spirit guide”, whom I feel extremely close to… What I can remember about my dream this morning is that she told me to be patient. She also left me with, “Can you spell patient right now?” I instantly knew I was sleeping because I knew how to spell patient in the awake life but not in the dream life.  As soon as I spelled it correctly I awoke.

So maybe we don’t take this current life knowledge (such as things we learn like spelling and math) with us to the dream life or afterlife. Maybe this life is set up for what we accomplish here in this lifetime.  Which will not matter if we are rich or poor.  I say maybe because we cannot find this spiritual knowledge as factual information here in this life.

It’s not about power nor status, it’s about helping and getting things accomplished. We do need knowledge for this life to get things done.  Just make sure it’s your calling which would look and feel easy, but is not easy for others, but also helps others in this world. Greed and power will hold you back.  Improving and growing without any regrets is the goal, so when you leave this life and upgrade to the next you will have that to take with you.

Life is not easy and we must be patient.  Leaving you with this insight I found within a dream and wishing you all a peaceful journey in 2018! ✨

pa·tient /ˈpāSHənt/ adjective
able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. “be patient, your time will come”