Extrovert Feeling Amongst People

Extrovert Sensing

Hi!  Yep right in front of you!

Cannot be more obvious than that.

The extrovert feeling has caused some awkward moments for sure but can make you feel welcomed as you walk in an unfamiliar place.

Do you want to be noticed?  Just find these individuals who have cheerful vibes bouncing off of them with a focus on making you feel comfortable and right at home, there you will find an extrovert feeler.

Although in an INFJ, the extrovert feeling is kind of tricky.  It’s almost as if there is an on and off mode.  The on mode is when they feel comfortable, knowledgeable and most aware of their surroundings, and making you feel the best about your self and the situation.  You should be able to find a light-hearted vibe.

The off mode is used to gain insight and information to one’s mind and that is where they pick up on individual clues about that person.  The informative and/or critical INFJ is a story to be told another time.

Extrovert feeling loves to go out of their way to make a special person feel cared for and this is the positive side of this function.  The down side to this function is that the user would love for the feelings to be reciprocated.  The user understands that most people do not have the same abilities but a simple acknowledgment goes a long way in the user’s heart.

If you want that person who made you feel welcomed, loved or cared for to continue their giving behavior, acknowledgment is much needed to make our heart happy.

The INFJ can also use extraverted feeling to self-express in writing, art, poetry, music, and fashion to name a few.  If the extrovert feeling is not accessed and an extrovert function is not used to help us understand how we feel we can fall into self-doubt and become oppressed.  This is where that song “Lean on me” comes in handy.  Personally, for me, I can play this song and it instantly cheers me up and makes me remember that “We all need somebody to lean on.”  If you haven’t heard this song in a while go search for it!

It seems like the world lacks extrovert feeling so if you have this function GO SHINE the world needs your kindness!


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